This "war" has very little to do with terrorism

First I quote the Ayatallah, now I'm quoting Saddam Hussein. WTF?

Iraqi News Agency: Second open letter from Saddam Hussein to the peoples of the United States, Western peoples and governments

"Rather, it
is the incidence that has availed the opportunity to
launch the war, which has not been a result of the
incidence under any circumstances!"

Interesting. I came to this conclusion myself two days ago after reading this piece. This whole thing has been brewing, on both sides, for a long time.

This war, and yes... it is a war, not a "new kind of war"... has very little to do with terrorism. This war has to do with the west finally ridding themselves of Islamic extremist groups in the name of terrorism. The cold war was Democracy vs. Communism. This is Western Culture vs. Radical Islam. I'm not sure it's Christianity vs. Islam, I don't know enough about history to come to THAT big of a conclusion, but who knows (are they one and the same?).

Written on September 20, 2001