The high price of disengagement

SFGate Commentary: The high price of disengagement

"Yet as we have grown ever more powerful since the collapse of the Soviet Union, economically and militarily, we have also grown ever more ignorant of the world beyond our borders."

Two weeks ago such talk would have never hit the paper. If there is anything positive about the corner turn the world made a week ago, it's how many American people I've seen going out of their way to introduce themselves to the world around them and learn what's going on out there, what the world thinks of their country, and actually reflect on these events in that context.

Growing up as a student in Canada, I had to accept that while I had to learn (lots) about the United States and their history, American kids didn't learn a thing about Canada. (I'm sure that's still the case, 9/11 didn't change that, yet)

I never thought I'd be seeing American friends say in their own words they need to be more worldly. That truly is a blessing. Ignorance is not bliss.

Welcome to the world America, I'm glad you're here!

Written on September 18, 2001