New XML-RPC for WebObjects

Last night I ported my Java XML-RPC framework for WebObjects to WO 5. It's based on the latest Helma XML-RPC snapshot, not the 1.0b4 release that the WO4.5 framework was based on.

I did 90% of the work for this (upgrading the WO4.5 framework to the 20010520 snapshot) the week before and of WWDC, but I never got around to releasing it. :-( This evening's work was porting that to WO5. It was very easy, only an hour of work. The tough part was figuring out how to do a proper install of a WO5 framework. Hadn't done that yet. ;-)

I want to upload this framework this week, but I have a major deadline on Friday so if it doesn't happen, that's why.

Written on September 5, 2001