200% price increase for AC licence?

Things are stirring in the Frontier community...

Big thread on Frontier Discuss: 200% price increase for AC licence?

Frontier is now $299 for an academic license (up from $99).

(Me, on) Frontier Discuss: Has development ceased on Frontier for Macintosh?

Frontier is $899 for a full license.

I find it ironic that WebObjects is only $699, $99 for edu, because it's so much more scalable than Frontier. Admittedly, WebObjects doesn't come with a "CMS" and would cost you more than $200 to make one. :-) Then again, a student with a $99 might be able to make one for less than $800!

I still like Frontier though, because it's just so unique and good at what it was meant to do when I met it. (I feel the same way about HyperCard)

John Robb says he's considering a $99 license for individual developers in non-profit/edu institutions... the $299 price would be for a non-profit/edu organizations.

Why not a $99 license for ALL developers, regardless of affiliation? I mean, wouldn't it be a good way to (re)increase the developer base? There was a thriving community around Frontier when it was free, and I don't think $99 is so expensive that it couldn't keep a worthwhile % of those who'd be interested.

Radio UserLand isn't as valuable to me as Frontier simply because they ripped the COM server out of it (Radio).

Written on August 29, 2001