Advenio Software: SQLGrinder -- "Query. Browse. Be more productive."

"Advenio SQLGrinder is a native Mac OS X SQL editor and developer tool that makes your database development easier."

I find development is easier when I don't have to write SQL at all. And no, that doesn't mean I use a GUI database editor/browser alongside my ASP/JSP/CFM/PHP code instead, it means I use something that writes the SQL for me. And no, that doesn't mean it puts the SQL into my source files for me, it means there is no SQL code in my source code, anywhere.

(the applications I work on use an Oracle database)

Enterprise Objects Framework one of the many things that makes it possible for me to get more done, faster, with WebObjects.

If you're as sick of writing SQL as I was you might want to give it a look. It's not a beginner's system, mind you, you need to be an experienced OO developer to grok it, IMHO.

WO also removes the need to encode and decode parameters in the URLs between your pages... and query your database for the same rows for every page.

Of course, you can do all of those things if you really want, but it isn't necessary 999 out of 1000 times.

Written on August 28, 2001