OSX Apps running right now

I'm currently running: Fire, Internet Connect, iTunes (playing music), JavaBrowser, Mail, Mozilla, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, Project Builder, Rule Editor, Sherlock, Stickies, System Preferences, Terminal, TextEdit, WebObjects Builder, Finder... Mac OS X 10.0.4.

Processes:  60 total, 3 running, 57 sleeping... 181 threads            20:25:29
Load Avg:  1.62, 1.97, 2.05     CPU usage:  60.8% user, 39.2% sys, 0.0% idle
SharedLibs: num =  128, resident = 23.7M code, 1.29M data, 6.49M LinkEdit
MemRegions: num = 6877, resident =  165M + 10.8M private, 77.8M shared
PhysMem:  41.1M wired,  182M active,  155M inactive,  379M used, 5.05M free
VM: 1.75G + 59.2M   26482(0) pageins, 5856(0) pageouts

I love running Mac OS X. I can't wait for 10.1 final. I'm an ADC member, so you know what that means, but I have a deadline this week so I can't afford to have my machine out of commision for any reason.

Written on August 20, 2001