Why we fail

SLAM! Sports: Why we fail

"There is a saying that a fish smells from its head down. The same applies to Canadian sports. It smells right from the top. But, then, what can one expect in a country that doesn't have a full-time sports minister? Why, even Upper Slobovia has a sports minister. And to take it a step further, even Upper Slobovia has a budget that includes proper preparation of the country's athletes for all major international competitions. Unfortunately, it's different in Canada."

The only redeeming quality of these championships in Edmonton, from a Canadian's standpoint, is the terrific job the volunteers are doing in Edmonton.

Here's hoping our 4x100 relay team can pull off an upset and get us a medal. A Canadian did win an unoffical silver in the wheelchair race (which was very exciting I might add, do those guys have massive upper bodies and arms or what?) but Canada's medal count still looks like 0-0-0.

Written on August 12, 2001