Indoor Soccer

I was invited to play indoor soccer last night with Nainesh's co-workers. I haven't played soccer in years! (I played for 8 years as a kid and coached kids in '96)

Soccer puts Tennis to shame in the workout department. I felt great by the end of it, but unfortunately, with around 2 minutes left, I tweaked my bad knee somehow. I still don't know how it happened.

I'm paying for it this morning, there's no question I have a strained tendon in my right knee. It'll take a week at least to recover... in the mean time I have a small limp.

I had a great time ... I even scored a goal (wrong footed) during regulation time, and scored during penalty kicks. We lost in penalty kicks. :-(

I'm not sure if I should go again -- I want to, but I don't want to hurt my knee again.

Written on August 2, 2001