I'm not paying $2.91 for that shake

On the way home I went to Jack in the Box for an Oreo milkshake. They're really good, real ice cream and real Oreos. Mmm, yum.

I went through the drive thru. The menu says a Large Oreo shake is $2.49. The lady asks me what I want. "Large Oreo Milkshake."

LG OREO SHAKE             $2.69

                          TOTAL     $2.91

"Sorry, that's wrong. The menu says it's $2.49." So she changes it to a REG OREO SHAKE $2.49. "No, I want a large". LG OREO SHAKE $2.69. "No, the menu says a large Oreo shake is $2.49" LG OREO SHAKE $2.69 "Please drive thru," she says.

So I drive to the pick-up window. She wants $2.91. I explain the menu says $2.49 for large, and that the machine is giving her the wrong price. We bicker a bit, she says "I don't know", I tell her to go outside and look. She gets upset and asks me for $2.49. I give her $2.70, which I estimate is the cost of the shake with tax.

I refuse to be taken advantage of like that. It's only 20 cents, but they're cheating! They expect people to not look or be able to understand what the cost is and just give some larger bill when they pay and get back the (supposedly) correct change. Well no, I won't stand for that. It's the 2nd time I've had to argue with those people, they keep saying they'll change the sign but they don't.

Don't put up with sub-standard service. It doesn't matter if it's Jack in the Box or Microsoft or Apple or Dell or Sears. You deserve to be treated with respect. I will be treated with respect. They will not take advantage of me.


Written on August 2, 2001