Talking Moose : Brand This!

Okay, I'm jumping on the bandwagon... the moose is loose and kicking ass.

Talking Moose: Brand This!

Moosey has a great rant about why CNet is going down the drain. (Yes, they suck). But Moosey missed one thing.

When I first got internet access at work in 1995 or 96, I think, I went to NEWS.COM every hour, if I could. They had great stuff there. Stories about technology. I loved it because it wasn't COMPUTERWORLD, the absolutely boring magazine that just loved to feature pictures of "IT managers" wearing their oxygen deprevation devices (ties) talking about why they were going to be spending $50 million dollars on a SAP/JDE/DB2 installation for their corporation. (yawn)

I had to have someone tell me what "IS" and "IT" meant. Everyone loved to call themselves IS, but to me, the label meant you were part of the COMPUTERWORLD tie-wearing-manager clique which I rebelled against.

But NEWS.COM, they were Tech News First. Now NEWS.COM is boring stories about earnings forecasts, earnings results, the result the earnings have had or could have on the price of megacorp X's stock price. I couldn't care less about that boring crap.

That's why I rarely read NEWS.COM anymore. (Is COMPUTERWORLD still in publication?)

Written on July 28, 2001