Coke Machine Accidents

Check this out: Coke Machine Accidents

"This site is dedicated to our dear son and brother Kevin Mackle, who was found dead in his Residence at Kuehner Hall, Bishop's University, Lennoxville Quebec on December 13th 1998, a day of sorrow for us, his family. A toppled Vendo Model Coca-Cola Machine which was put in place, unsecured, by the Beaver Foods Company crushed him."

The site goes on to say that it should be a legal requirement that pop machines be secured to prevent any further accidents or deaths.

"How can we not wonder and agonise over what could have happened? We want to know how such an appalling accident could have happened, in a small University Residence."

Uh, perhaps he tipped it, trying to steal a can of Coke, and it fell on him?

"According to Dr. Belanger's recreation of the death of Kevin ? 'Kevin Mackle tilted the machine. No can came out. He tilted it again, still nothing. Kevin Mackle continued to move the machine forcefully... the machine fell on Kevin Mackle... no can fell out of the machine.'

The above should not be in a Report purporting to present the facts. It is pure speculation and supposition. Did Dr. Belanger interview any of the students who shook the machine in the Lobby? It would not seem so from his Report."

And then this:

"It was known to be faulty - when tipped past a certain angle, it yielded a can of Coca-Cola. The students at Bishop's were well aware of this, had in fact been observed by the school janitor tipping it in the Kuehner Hall Lobby for just that purpose. However, on the morning that Kevin was found dead underneath it, there were no loose pop cans. Why not?"

Ah, so his family thinks he was CHEATED by this pop machine?

Uh, perhaps if he hadn't tried to tip the machine, faulty or not, he wouldn't have crushed himself? Maybe there was a loose pop can, but someone saw it laying on the ground next to the tipped over pop machine and took it.

This is just too stupid.

Written on July 24, 2001