WWDC 2001 DVDs are way too expensive

Apple wants US$600 for this year's WWDC-DVD set!!! $400 for ADC Select members -- I don't know how much it is for Premier members. I've heard they're free for WWDC attendees but I don't know if that's true yet. I doubt it.

Last year's set was $150, or $100 for WWDC attendees. Once again Apple is forgetting that getting information into developers hands is something they should be bending over backwards to do, NOT putting up huge roadblocks for.

Now, maybe, maybe if they had made this year's content available as actual DVD-video playable in DVD players, it'd be worth $600 (since it would consume a lot more DVD discs). But it's still just DVD-ROMs full of QuickTime files!

$600 for 5 DVD-ROMS? No way.

Written on July 15, 2001