WebDAV filewriter for Frontier

Nicholas Riley: WebDAV filewriter for Frontier

"As promised, I wrote a filewriter for WebDAV. This allows you to send files to your DAV-supporting Web server directly, instead of through FTP, AFP, SMB/CIFS, or another file-sharing protocol."

This is pretty darn cool. It's a shame (from my POV, probably not theirs) that UserLand diverged off their ContentServer path (which I think is the best CMS tool they ever made) when they decided to focus on writing and weblogging tools instead of sophisticated CMSs. They had announced a WebDAV server for Frontier/ContentServer a few months before the corner-turn.

The top HTML editing tools (and Windows and Mac OS X itself) support WebDAV in their latest releases. Could have made for a great combination.

Written on July 15, 2001