10 hours lost to a mere 6 characters

I always thought it was funny when I'd read stories about "oops"'s with "rm -rf" on someone's weblog.

"HAHAHA! How can someone NOT be paying attention to where they are before they run such a destructive command? :-)"
Well, I won't be laughing about that anymore. Last night, my 4th late night at work in a row, I was trying to remove a directory I checked out in my TEMP directory while resolving a CVS merge conflict, when I ran rm -rf ModuleName in my HOME directory by mistake, not in the TEMP directory.

Bye Bye 10 hours of work! I actually managed to salvage some of it because one file was still open in an editor, but the rest of it is gone. It'll probably take me 4 hours to redo what I did yesterday.

And, I bet it's not a coincidence that this happened the day before we were supposed to freeze the code for the next branch.

"Good grief."

Written on July 13, 2001