Way too many Goran Links

Before all the Goran/Rafter links, a sad story about Justine Henin: Henin hit by tragedy

I watched the match this morning. It was the most tense, exciting tennis match I'd ever seen. It was more like soccer or hockey the way the crowd was -- I wish it was always like that. I had tears in my eyes when Goran finally won. I learned something about myself watching Goran for the last week, I'll share it once I have a little more time to process the thought.

Ivanisevic Wins Wimbledon Men's Final

Ivanisevic beats Rafter in Wimbledon final on 'People's Monday'

Glory to Goran in five-set thriller

Goran Finally Stands Proud As a Champion

Rafter 'flat' after final

Ivanisevic passes final hurdle

Fourth time lucky for Goran

Ivanisevic wins Wimbledon

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Wildcard Ivanisevic Wins Wimbledon Title

Ivanisevic turns career around

A link about John McEnroe, who I thought did a great job commentating Wimbledon: Being John McEnroe

Ivanisevic Is the Wimbledon Champ

Rafter a great sportsman: Howard

Rafter will return, says Newk

Picture of Goran, Arms Raised

Rafter loses final but remains a national hero

Ivanisevic dedicates win to friend

The 'Chosen One' Reaches His Destiny

Parting Blast For Officials

One Of The Great Shocks

Roaring crowd more Wembley than Wimbledon

Punter scoops 27,000 pounds on Ivanisevic win

Praise from the top for Goran

Ivanisevic comeback is top of sporting pile

Ivanisevic wins five-setter to capture elusive Wimbledon title

Sleepless Goran ends among angels

Rafter down but not yet out

Croatia erupts with joy at Ivanisevic triumph

Goran The Great

Goran 'the great' gets it

Rafter backs off retirement after Wimbledon defeat

Wonder of Wimbledon

Fourth Time Lucky For Goran

Ivanisevic: 10 Things You Never Knew

Ivanisevic Wins Dramatic Final

Rafter's double heartbreak

Wildcard Ivanisevic a Wimbledon winner at last

He's Goran done it!

Wildcard Ivanisevic wins Wimbledon title

Final Into Deciding Set

Fans flock to 'People's Final'

Goran - One match and I'd retire happy

Goran serves Mac warning

Croatia Euphoric Over Wimbledon

Fans gear up for 'people's final' at Wimbledon

Written on July 10, 2001