Who is "viral" now?

Eric S. Raymond: Who is "viral" now?

"'Shared source' is the ultimate virus."

Yes! I've been talking to people about that for a few weeks now but Eric expresses my feeling very accurately.

I got really scared about this when I read somewhere that Microsoft is going to have shared-source license agreements with UNIVERSITIES. Can you imagine, a whole generation of students being infected/affected by the Microsoft IP virus?

Furthermore, what if Microsoft just e-mailed you their source code with a shared-source license attached? They could infect people just by emailing them the virus.

The GPL is starting to look pretty fucking appealing in comparison.

I hearby publicly refuse to accept any Microsoft source code licensing agreement until further notice in the hopes this statement might be of help to me in the future should Microsoft or anyone else try to infect my brain with this virus.

Written on July 3, 2001