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eBay University

NY Times: Ebay University: Part School and Part Tent Meeting


Metafilter gone from weblogs.com?

I just noticed Metafilter is no longer listed on weblogs.com. They were #1 on the Who has the most Readers? page.

I guess they must have opted out of the XML files. As a result, Scripting News is #1 again.

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Software Methods and Tools

Welcome to Software Methods and Tools


Quote of the day

I haven't laughed out loud so hard in quite a while:

On today's rc3.org, Rafe Colburn says:

"One would think that Dubya would oppose the execution of the mentally retarded out of a simple sense of self preservation."

That would be a very strategeric belief... thanks for the laugh Rafe!

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The new iMac?

I'd buy one of these. Would you?

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AppleScript in a Nutshell

O'Reilly: AppleScript in a Nutshell

I've never felt like realllly learning AppleScript before, but if this book is anything like the other Nutshell books I have it'd probably do the trick nicely. :-)


McFarlane Oilers jersey?

Oilers could use a whole lotto help

Oh my god. At the bottom of this article:

"THIRD JERSEY: The Oilers long-awaited third jersey will be unveiled and on the store shelves in early October.

The NHL-approved jersey was designed by Todd McFarlane, a part-owner of the team and creater of the violent, futuristic comic-book hero Spawn."

Todd McFarlane was one of my idols growing up. My friends and family know how much I admire him and his work. He's one of the 37 (38?) owners of the Edmonton Oilers as well, the group which helped keep the team in Edmonton, so there's some additional respect.

I plan to be first in line to buy a jersey this October!!


Late night, good feeling

Jean, Bruno, Patrice, Ket and I were in the office until 11 PM last night migrating our databases, fixing the remaining bugs and testing our brains out for the deployment of SPACEdirect 2.0. This is the first release of NetStruxr's applications that I've had a significant contribution on; I arrived just a few days before 1.2 was released.

The final two week push was quite challening because some of the team is on vacation, but we managed through it. It feels good to have this finished and live. Yay team!