A weird day of twos

Yesterday was a very odd day.

We rented a car yesterday (for two days) so we wouldn't be holed-in our apartment for yet another weekend. (It was the 2nd time I rented a car from that place) The car I wanted wasn't there so they drove me to a 2nd location to pick it up. They gave me a token for a car wash. I went to the wrong place the 1st time so I went to two car wash places in total. The first place we went after returning home with the car was the farmer's market at Orange Park (which I had passed on the way home from the rental place... so I saw it twice. It was also the second time I had been to that park).

I saw an espresso stand, and started craving Chai Tea. I asked for a large Chai Tea. She made two cups and asked for $5.50 (they're $2.75 each). I said, I didn't ask for two, I just want one. Weird. Whatever.

During the day we were driving around San Fran, and drove past Marnee Thai, a place we ate at once before while my parents were visiting.

Later in the day I decided I wanted to buy the new WebObjects book so I held a copy at Borders, which I had passed earlier in the day. Cheryl asked me to get her an order of Spicy Angel Wings from Marnee Thai to go while I was out.

First I went to play tennis with Patrice. We showed up at the Golden Gate Park tennis courts (the 2nd time I had been in GG Park that day) to find out the nets were gone for renovations. So we went to a 2nd court, at Gratton school.

On the way home I stopped at Marnee Thai. It was the 2nd time I had been there and the 2nd time I had drove past it that day. I had to order the wings two times because Marnee forgot to put the order in the first time. I had to go to the ATM because they have a $15 minimum for credit card orders. The ATM didn't accept my 1st card, so I had to put a 2nd card in. I took out 2 $20 bills. When I got my wings she told me she gave me 2 orders for the inconvenience of waiting so long.

Then I went to Borders. I saw another espresso stand and once again wanted Chai Tea (the 2nd time that day). This time on ice though. I asked for the largest size Chai Tea on ice. The lady at the register rang up my order and the lady who made my drink came back with TWO CHAI TEAS ON ICE. I couldn't believe it. (This is when I first started to notice all the 2's). I explained that this had happened earlier today and I was really surprised. Yes, it was the 2nd time I had been in a Borders bookstore.

All of this on the 2nd day of June. Hmm. I have a theory, but I'll keep it to myself until I know if I was right or not.

Written on June 3, 2001