WWDC Session 608: Solutions with WebObjects

Session 608: Solutions with WebObjects

This was mostly an iServices commercial, but that's fine, it was also a great WebObjects commercial, showing that yes, really massively critical and cool apps are built with WebObjects.

One of the speakers accidentally said the name of their "large logistics company" client, which I won't repeat, who have a number of very cool apps built by Apple.

Last time I checked, Apple was quite a bit more expensive than other WO consultants, so as much as it was meant as an iServices commercial, it really advertised all the consultancies.

Most WO shops have frameworks that they've built over time and reuse for each client, and Apple is no different. They call their collection of frameworks "ObjectWare", and it's held close to their chest as a competitive advantage. The only way to get at ObjectWare, apparently, is to engage with iServices for services, much to the chagrin of standalone WO developers who would love to get their hands on that code. Apple's not only the platform vendor here, they're also the service providers, much as they are on the retail side.

Before you get all bent out of shape about this, don't forget IBM does the same thing (only 1000 times larger scale) and so do most platform vendors, even Microsoft, although more quietly.

Written on May 24, 2001