Cocoa rocks, Carbon... doesn't

The Register: Jobs and Tevanian vow to fight OS X speed drain

It's awesome to see Mac users and even the media drinking the Cocoa kool-aid. Now that a LOT of people have really had a chance to see the difference between Cocoa apps and Carbon apps, it's not surprising to see that people prefer the former. Replace the Carbon Finder with a Cocoa Finder, as suggested by Andrew Orlowski's Reg article above? Oh yeahhhh...

"Berners Lee invented the web on a NeXT box, John Carmack wrote Doom on a NeXT box. So why showcase the new OS with the worst of the Mac legacy that Apple would like to bury?"

IMHO, only one reason: Apple didn't have enough Cocoa developers to go around, apparently. The official reason was "to show that people could transition real Classic apps to Carbon". But wait, this article says that is a PowerPlant application. I don't think OS9's Finder was a PowerPlant app, so it sounds like it was a rewrite anyway. Nice transition...

Hehe, even the owner of is doing Cocoa apps in Objective-C.

Written on May 22, 2001