TV working again

A few days ago our Satellite TV stopped working. Two reasons:

1) The neighbours erected a shed right in the path between the dish and the satellite. This didn't make us lose our connection, but it weakened the signal and made re-establishing a connection from the original location of the dish impossible.

2) Cheryl accidentally pulled the cable that ran into the apartment from outside and it pulled the wire out of the ... what do you call it, plug? connector? You know what i mean, the thing you screw into the jack.

Once we figured out 2), it was a matter of trying to find the signal again. Unfortunately, we couldn't because of the shed. So we had to build the homemade stand we mounted the dish on even higher, it's now over 7' tall with the dish on top! (we have to have a stand because we're not allowed to connect the dish to the wall or balcony)

So we finally have TV again... I missed the game-7 double header (NJ vs. TOR and COL vs. LA) but I won't miss any more games, thankfully!

Written on May 12, 2001