I never thought I'd read this

Dear readers, if this isn't a sign that hell has completely frozen over, I don't know what is...

Calgary Sun: Jealously by the Cup

"Yes, I admit it, I am jealous of Edmonton Oilers fans. [...] It's the way your Oilers play when they get into the post-season party. Heck, it's the way they play when they're just trying to make the playoffs. These guys are hell-bent for leather. Even if they lose, they leave their blood on the ice.

[...] Effort. Sacrifice. Determination. Spirit. Courage.

I'm so &^)($@! jealous."

Go Oilers Go!

Game 6 is on tonight at 7 PM EDT. If you want to see a high-tempo great hockey game, tune in! It doesn't get any better than this...

Written on April 21, 2001