Cesspools and eyeballs

Dave Winer: "I swore off posting to SlashDot a couple of years ago. What a cesspool."

Dave Winer: "I wonder if people see what we're doing? Here's how I see it. We're building a broader and more adult SlashDot.Org."

Dave Winer: "Don't use slashdot as an example. That won't sell me. I think slashdot is a cesspool of ill will, and the software is *very* hard to use."

Dave Winer: "We intend to bring the SlashDot metaphor into Manila. This is one of the top feature-request items, and it was a very tricky design problem."

Dave Winer: "We'll create a SlashDot-mode for Manila weblogs"

Dave Winer: "I submitted the Raymond comments to SlashDot, something I learned how to do at the P2P conf. Here's the evidence. Thank you, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy. You can watch the SlashDot effect roll through our server."

Dave Winer: "Hey I got Slashdotted again! Yow. Thank you thank you."

I guess the moral of the story is, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Written on April 20, 2001