Creativity Dial at 10

Well whaddaya know, a satellite dish CAN get strong receiption through a group of trees! I'm impressed. :-)

I've got the dish set up, and I'm very happy now. (understatement)

I honestly wish everyone could have watched us setting it up, it was very comical. I finally found the signal, and *boom*, there was the hockey game, Edmonton vs. Dallas, 3rd period, 4 minutes left, Oilers up by one goal. So, we moved the TV off the entertainment centre and put it on the floor facing the balcony where I could see it from outside. Then, I went back outside, found the signal again, and HELD it (or, tried to, repeatedly, after losing the signal every 30 seconds) so Cheryl and I could watch the last few minutes of the game. :-)

Go Oilers Go! Oilers won 4-3, the series is tied 1-1 and headed to Edmonton for Game 3 tomorrow night.

Ahhh... relief. ;-)

Written on April 14, 2001