Game 1: Edmonton Oilers vs. Dallas Stars

Today is Day 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and my fucking dish isn't set up yet. I'm staying at work late tonight so I can listen to the game on Yahoo! Broadcast... 14.4 RealAudio just doesn't compare to CBC Hockey Night in Canada but it's as good as it gets until I get the dish up.

Go Oilers Go!

... Before we moved to our new place, I asked the building manager if I could set up a dish. She said yes, and said someone else had already done that and it shouldn't be a problem. Maybe she doesn't know how satellites work, but the other dish-using people are a floor above us, we're on the ground level and are totally obstructed by trees.

I'm going to have to turn up the creativity dial to get this sucker going.

Written on April 11, 2001