Days 6 & 7: Arriving and unpacking

A brief entry for now, I'll flesh it out later.

We arrived in SF at approximately 2 PM on Tuesday. Had pretty much everything out of the U-Haul truck by 5:30.

Had dinner at Nainesh's place, and then brought the rest of the stuff into the apartment (we had a few boxes, and our bikes in dad's pickup truck which I drove down. My dad ended up having to drive the U-Haul the whole way because U-Haul screwed up and gave us a manual transmission truck which I can't drive)

Yesterday we called PG&E and Pacific Bell to set up service. We had to drive to their offices to show them my passport since I don't have a SSN yet.

We stopped by Costco and Bell Markets for groceries. Unpacked lots of boxes. Dad wanted me to set up the TV/Stereo so that the pieces weren't taking up so much space on the living room floor (cough). After that was done we found the Charlie's Angels DVD Cheryl bought in Victoria and watched that.

Today I have to get a new desk (sold my nice U desk cause it was too big for the apartment) and something to mount my satellite dish on.

Written on April 5, 2001