WSDL and UDDI on the SOAP list

Just in case you're not following the Developmentor SOAP list (have I mentioned recently that it totally rocks?), here's a couple cool messages to read.

Not having read the UDDI spec (sigh), I didn't know what a tModel was either. Bill Conroy does a great job explaining it and he got me really excited about it (UDDI) as well.


"tModel is the UDDI term for descriptions of specifications for services or taxonimies. Basis for technical fingerprints."

If that confused you (it did me!), read this one:


I think WSDL and UDDI are very good things. I'm glad Dave Winer is on that list asking the right questions.

Another good message:

Re: A Little IDL

"Interface-based programming has absolutely nothing to do with [W]indows."
Written on March 9, 2001