SOAP archives -- March 2001 (#130)

SOAP archives -- March 2001 (#130): Re: A Little IDL, by Steve Vinoski

"A few months ago I saw a .NET demo where they took a C# class and automatically exposed it as a web service, and I immediately thought of the old saying about those not knowing history being doomed to repeat it."

Read the rest of the message too, this is just the part that made me giggle. Before you go "Web Servicing everything" ask some people (like Steve Vinoski) out for coffee to pick their brains about their experiences with previous iterations of popular distributed computing platforms.

This is why I'm on so many mailing lists and buy so many computer books. Sometimes when I'm designing or coding I just know there's 1000 experienced gurus out there have made the same mistake I'm probably making at that very moment. Furthermore, any of those 1000 people could sit down with me for 5 minutes and totally change my perspective on things and make me much better at what I do. I read these lists and books because very few (if any) of those 1000 gurus live in Victoria. :-)

Written on March 8, 2001