That's one big-ass RDF yer packin!

Rick on the Workflow DaveNet:

"Leave it to Dave to convince himself that the reason his beloved content management software is missing a vital component is not a flaw but a political statement."

I needed a couple good laughs today, thanks Dave and Rick! :-)

Must... escape... reality distortion field...

In other news, Microsoft admits that its operating systems have always been crashy because they believe troubleshooting makes Americans stronger by giving them frequent problem-solving sessions. And anyway, if you had to work without reboot-breaks all... day... long, you'd probably get a sore back or strained eyes, carpal-tunnel or any number of health problems.

They're so patriotic and compassionate!

A couple hours later:

What's even more confusing about this is that UserLand's "CMS" does provide the hooks for workflow. Frontier provides a lot of callbacks, and Manila is extensively scriptable over the network with XML-RPC and SOAP.

The other CM vendors provide the same thing but advertise it as if it was something more concrete. Workflow is custom, and while it can be composed, more often than not it's custom in each case.

UserLand would probably be better served by saying they SUPPORT workflow instead of ignoring their product's potential for customers looking for it.

Written on February 25, 2001