Apple LiveStagePro?

This isn't even a rumor, it's only speculation on my part, something I just thought of on my own, this evening.

Macromedia FinalCut (never released) became Apple FinalCut Pro after Apple bought it.

Technology that went into creating Apple DVD Studio Pro was bought from Astarte.

LiveStage Pro seems like a similar kind of tool. It kicks ass and really takes advantage of Apple Technology, through and through, just like FinalCut Pro.

It isn't related to Desktop Movies or DVD or Music though, I don't think Apple's looking at QuickTime multimedia as one of those killer apps. If they were, why wouldn't they salvage HyperCard? Unless... they were waiting for something like LiveStage to be ready to take over. I know, HyperCard isn't LiveStage, but obviously the right people in Apple don't realize what HyperCard is anymore, or, IMHO, they wouldn't let it die. Or, HyperCard just isn't maintainable. I find that hard to believe.

It's not that I want TotallyHip broken apart or bought by Apple, this is just a braindump here on my site -- I just thought about it and felt like writing it here.

Written on February 24, 2001