Hack the Planet Photos

Hack the Planet Prime: Photos from the O'Reilly P2P Conference -- cool, the pic of me worked. When Wes took the picture he said the camera told him it was out of memory, so I didn't expect my mug to make it.

I wasn't in SF for the P2P conference, but since I was there on Thursday night I decided to go to the HTP/SN dinner.

I was originally supposed to meet Wes for dinner when he arrived in SF on Tuesday, but my arrival got delayed until Wednesday night so that didn't work out. :-(

It's weird though, I'd only been to SF twice before, each for less than a day, but I had eaten at that restaurant (Hunan) before! I was paying very little attention to the food this time, so I don't know if it was good or not. My wife Cheryl wasn't too impressed with it, though. Maybe she just didn't like that it cost $40 US. It definitely wasn't $40 worth of food. ;-)

Written on February 20, 2001