Ed B, here's a rant, you might just want to skip this... ;-)

What the hell is it with Microsoft developers?

I can send messages to Apple/WebObjects/OSX related mailing lists, no problem. I can send messages to Frontier related lists, no problem. Java, XML-RPC, Linux, no problemo.

I send a message to a .NET mailing list, and my mailbox is filling up with "Out of the Office" autoreply messages!!! ARGH!

If I was a Microsoft developer, replying to myself here, and feeling like a smartass, I might say "That's because Microsoft developers HAVE an Office/job to be away from, Apple and Frontier developers are mostly Out of Work".

Seeing as how I've already covered that smartass reply, don't bother trying it. ;-)

But seriously, why are there an inordinate amount of people on this Microsoft developer's list who aren't smart enough to unsubscribe from mailing lists while their autoreply message is turned on?

Perhaps their Microsoft e-mail software just isn't smart enough. Who knows. What a PITA.

Written on January 30, 2001