Outlook 2001 for Mac

I've found my new e-mail client... and not a moment too soon!

Public Beta: Outlook 2001 for Mac

"Outlook 2001 uses the same data formats as Outlook 2000 for Windows. This enables users of the Microsoft® Outlook messaging and collaboration client to easily communicate and share information across the Macintosh and Microsoft Windows® operating systems. Macintosh users can send and receive e-mail, schedule meetings, manage contacts and share folders with the same capability as users of Outlook for Windows."

I'm just hoping it has all the good features of Outlook and none of the bad ones (viruses!!!).

More about Microsoft's Mac-announcements at MacWorld SF, courtesy of MacNN.

Update: Whoops. Read the fine print: Outlook 2001 requires a connection to a Microsoft Exchange Server. Game over.

My new e-mail client ie MacOE 5.0.2. After nearly 5 years of using PMMail, I've switched.

Written on January 11, 2001