WebObjects 4.5.1 on Mac OS X

Ernest Prabhakar: WebObjects 4.5.1 on Mac OS X

This is the greatest news I've heard in a long long time! This is going to keep WebObjects in a lot of shops that would have otherwise needed to find a new solution.

And WebObjects 5 for (pure) Java is going to bring WebObjects to a lot of shops, Java or otherwise, that would have otherwise had to find a more expensive, probably more complex and less productive or potent solution.

Bravo Apple for doing the right thing, and for putting so much into WebObjects. If you read Ernie's message, it's clear they're very serious about WO.

Here's an updated WebObjects FAQ in PDF format.

The only (very minor IMHO) downside is that WO 5 for Java will now require Java 2, instead of just being Java 2 compatible. This rules out some fringe platforms for WebObjects deployment. However, being fully Java 2 will have benefits (they cite JDBC 2) that far outweigh that one problem in 99% of cases.

Written on January 10, 2001