HardCore Gym

The Sceptre monitor I bought on Boxing Day was too fuzzy for development work, so I decided not to keep it. My brother-in-law wanted it, so he'll buy it off me instead of returning it. I decided I could go without a monitor for my PowerBook for a while longer, so I'm not replacing it with a different one.

My RecPlus membership at UVic expired yesterday, but rather than renew it ($245+ tax for 4 months, the info on their page is incorrect) I decided to get a Body-Solid HardCore Gym 900. UVic is on the other side of town; driving back and forth 3-4 time a week was getting tedious, which wasn't good for my motivation after my friend lost interest in mid-November. In two months I can play tennis outside so it's just not worth it anymore.

Speaking of motivation, I had none in December. As Christmas neared I decided to let myself eat whatever I wanted until the new Year, to get it the cravings out of my system. I sprained my knee early in December so I wasn't playing tennis or squash, or lifting weights.

Now it's January, and I'm rejuvinated. I have the home gym, my parents are bringing their treadmill over here because they rarely use it but I'd like to use it daily. No excuses, everything is just outside my office.

I made it much harder for myself to meet my goal of losing 70 pounds by April 24, 2001 by gaining 5-10 pounds last month, but I've made it as easy as possible to bounce back.

Written on January 2, 2001