Super Mario

Mario Lemeiux is back. He's just amazing!! He set up a goal on his first shift and got an assist.

This is all just so unbelievable. Every time Mario is on the ice the Penguins totally dominate the opposition (the Maple Leafs, tonight).

It's like he never left. His players are so excited he's back, the defenseman are sacrificing their bodies to keep the puck in the offensive zone while Mario is on.

Lemieux's on the ice as I write this sentence.

To my friends in the USA, the Pens/Leafs game is was live on ESPN right now.

Update: Mario finished the game with 1 goal, 2 assists, and was +4. (he was on the ice for 4 goals for, and 0 goals against). Little streaks of yellow followed the Maple Leaf players as they chased Mario for the puck. There was much rejoicing.

Written on December 28, 2000