Cheryl hates my computers

A man came over this morning to fix our dryer, which hadn't been working. He asked Cheryl to flip the breaker for the dryer. Cheryl said the breaker was on, but he suggested turning it on and off... sometimes that fixes it. (it did)

However, while flipping that breaker, her finger accidentally grazed the breaker for my office, immediately turning off my NT4 and W2K work computers.

(I was still sleeping while all this happened)

That's nothing though... a couple weeks ago, there was a storm in Victoria, and I was stuck at my in-laws. Cheryl called me, and asked me to stay there overnight because it wasn't safe to drive. I asked her to shut down my machines because we often get power outages during bad storms.

She chose Shut Down on the W2K box, and then I asked her, "is it off"? She said she still heard noises from the box. I thought that was weird because it should have automatically turned itself off, but I said (oh WHY did I say this?), "oh, weird, well if the monitors have gone black, the computer has shut down, just hit the power button to turn it off."

She did hit the power button... on the OTHER computer, turning that one off immediately!

Cheryl must really hate my computers.

Written on December 27, 2000