Patriot Computers goes bankrupt

When 'Barbie' goes bankrupt -- "Computer company's failure disappoints children, gives Mattel a black eye"

NY Post: Cyberscam turns kid's hope to tears

I wouldn't call it a Cyberscam -- Patriot had been around for a number of years, they just went out of business. Still, I think this is really horrible news. Barbie and HotWheels computers are for the smallest of children, the children that will be hurt the most by this tragedy.

There's apparently around 3,500 (Ottawa Citizen says 3,100) outstanding orders, and many of those people will never see the money again, nor will they get the computer they ordered.

I was on the phone with a friend from Apple yesterday when he told me this news. I suggested he forward the story to Steve. Steve could make sure each of those kids has a computer (Ruby and Sage iMacs ;-)) for Christmas!

That's the kind of goodwill Apple could really use right about now.

Written on December 22, 2000