accessible scripting news

Scripting News, regarding accessible web pages:

"This is a program started by the W3C, and it's really hard to be critical of it without appearing to be unkind to people with disabilities. But it's a harsh requirement, and impossible to achieve given the limits of browsers and people creating websites and the tools we use to create them."

I find it amazing that Dave Winer, of all people, would say it's impossible to achieve having accessible web pages. After all, isn't that one of the major goals of Content Management -- Separating Form from Content? UserLand used to speak of scalable content quite a lot.

Maybe it's the tools they use?

There's a big difference between impossible to achieve and not making something a priority. I'm not saying UserLand should make it a priority, but claiming something is impossible that clearly isn't, even with their own tools (yes Virginia, I was being sarcastic above) seems, well, as I said, quite amazing.

Written on December 22, 2000