Aaron rocks

When I see awesome weblogs like Aaron's aaronland, it makes me think... I wish that I had time to make mine as cool as that one (check out the DHTML effects, which is the ultimate extension to what I'm tried to do with my weblog item template), and get to the many other web experiments I've been dreaming of. (continued below...)

I got an FYI from Aaron this afternoon, to alert me to cool some new scripts he (correctly) thought might interest me:

Favorites::Convert.pm -- convert favourites lists into HTML, OPML, or XBEL.

opml2ft -- "converts an OPML document into a JavaScript file suitable for parsing by Marcelino Martins' FolderTree DHTML outliner (v2.0)."

Today must be data-conversion day on HBWT. :)

(now, to continue the first paragraph...) This year, I've spent my spare time getting fit and losing weight instead of learning new technologies and doing cool shit like Aaron's doing.

The result is, I'm much healthier, but I haven't been keeping up with changes in web technology. Next year I will seek to find a better balance between family, friends, health and my professional growth. (not asking for much am I?)

Written on December 20, 2000