I haven't seen "yob" defined anywhere, a term I've seen many times on the BBC News site lately. I'm sure it means "youth mob".

My cousin is returning from England soon, where he's been working as a part-time teacher. I've heard from his family that he regards the English youth as "arrogant", and just plain horrible all around. He said Canadian schoolkids look like angels in comparison. Now, that's just heresy, but based on all the "yob" talk at the BBC lately, it sounds pretty credible. I certainly trust his opinion, and he's not the kind of person to exaggerate.

In BBC's "talking point" area, one fellow, "Robert", had a great comment. It really hit home.

"We all too easily recognise those
yobs at the bottom end of society
but seem to not notice those at
the top end of society. Those who
set examples like: do, say or create
anything as long as it makes a lot
of money with little or no regard
to the examples set or
consequences to others in society
especially our children. Yobs must have learned their
behaviour from somewhere?

Ouch. The truth hurts.

Written on December 14, 2000