Joe Average has his say

Regarding pro athlete salaries...

Joe Average has his say --

"Mr. Taylor:

I'm presently working my 14-hour night shift while my family is at home.

Twelve years as a firefighter and I have many incidents that would turn the heads of a crowd of 16,000 and make them want to go home.


I will budget and work it out over time, knowing I have a secure job and 10 days from now I will get another cheque.

I would like more, but I can't tell my employer that I am holding out this season for more.

I wish he would offer me $6.4 million, even for the next 20 years. I wouldn't even go home.

At my present salary, I would only have to work my day and night shifts for the next 106 years to make that amount."

Written on December 2, 2000