Last night I saw the movie Unbreakable. Go see it.

Wow. That movie was right up my alley. I want to say so much about that movie, but telling you my story now would spoil the movie for those of you who haven't seen the movie yet.

Perhaps I'll write the story up on a separate page, and put a big spoiler alert on the top of that page.

BTW, don't read ANYTHING about the movie anywhere until you've seen it. I had the movie half-spoiled for me by a news-site that didn't announce it was giving information about the movie when talking about next year's Oscars, I'd hate to see others fall into that trap.

Unbreakable is now my #2 all time favourite movie, right behind The Matrix. #3 is Fight Club, #4 is ... I think, Gladiator.

Written on November 29, 2000