Right to complain

Tonight I voted for my right to complain about politics and the situation created by government in Canada.

My opinion is, if a person doesn't vote they shouldn't complain about what the government does or doesn't do.

I didn't know enough about any of the candidates, so I voted for the one that shared a particular view of mine. I don't know enough about that person to know if we agree on any other things.

It is absolutely my fault for not knowing enough about the candidates. Sure, they could have helped by talking to me, but none did. One candidate at least had a person knock on my door and hand me a pamphlet, but I didn't vote for that person anyway. (Sorry, but thanks for trying!)

I guess I didn't care enough to spend time forcing myself to learn about the candidates. I had the time.

However, the parties spent their time attacking each other instead of communicating their platforms... it's pretty sad, and I know this turned me off, it's why I didn't spend time learning the platforms.

At least our ballot was completely understandable, and uniform across the entire country.

Oh, and we hand count every ballot. And there was recount and chad humour from some of the elected candidates. hehe

Written on November 28, 2000