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"It's a sad comment on the state of our political system when candidates for the most powerful position in the world are disliked by a wide majority of the population; and the ensuing election degenerates into an embarrassing sideshow of partisan bickering, fraud, hypocrisy, and legal loopholes. I wish I could move to Canada."

Well if you move to Canada, don't do it because of the state of politics (or health care) -- it's no better here right now. Our national election, in 4 days time, is a total joke. The leaders of the political parties don't discuss the issues at all, they just attack each other's corruptness and even their religions! I have no idea who to vote for, everyone looks totally unappealing to me.

It's an embarassing sideshow of partisan bickering, fraud, hypocisry, and legal loopholes. I wish I could move to Australia.

(It's times like this I think I should run for office so I could become the Prime Minister... but then I'd have to be the leader of the political party that can get the most seats in the House of Commons, and to do that I'd surely have to compromise my morals and ethics... that would suck.)

Written on November 23, 2000