OmniGraffle == GlyphiX?

I downloaded OmniGraffle this morning from Omni Group.

It appears to be an enhanced OS X version of my favourite diagramming tool, GlyphiX.

Many of the unique features of GlyphiX appear in OmniGraffle. However, GlyphiX is apparently very similar to an old NeXTStep/OpenStep application called "Diagram", so OmniGraffle might actually be an OS X version of Diagram. Hard to tell, but either way, I'm a happy boy.

Now, if I could do WebObjects development on Mac OS X, I could move over to OS X completely! (Frontier is on its way too)

There's already a great number of excellent apps available for Mac OS X, which is a testament to Apple's skill in making an OS that's easy to develop for.

BTW, a very cool feature in OmniGraffle is the ability to make force-directed graphs. Wow.

Update: Wes likes OmniGraffle too. So does Steve, but he hasn't mentioned it on his site yet. ;-)

Written on November 17, 2000