I'm returning my StarChoice satellite

<VOICE OF="Eric Cartman">
  I... am... so.... pissed.... off... right.... now!

I switched my TV to CTV SportsNet West to see the Oilers game tonight (you might remember that's the whole fucking reason I bought the satellite system) and this is what showed up on the screen.

"This NHL game is only available in a regional viewing area established by the NHL. If you can see this message you are outside of that local area. CTV SportsNet programming will resume following the game."

Oh, SHIT! Now I have to return my StarChoice, get a Bell ExpressVu satellite and pay $150 for the "NHL Centre Ice" package which lets me see 1000 NHL games a season. I don't want 1000 NHL games, I just want the 82 that the Oilers play!

Hey, help me complain. Call 1-877-288-7767 (CTV SportsNet) and tell them to let Jim watch Oilers games!

Update: I'm listening to the game on 630 CHED via Broadcast.com. Yay, 14.4kbps monoaural sound.... thrilling. Yay. I'm so happy. Uh-huh. Really. I am.

Written on October 7, 2000