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About the Scripting.com Mail Pages: What Steve Ivy Said...

But, let me add that since the DG has gone on vacation, the "tension level" when visiting Scripting News has gone waaaay down, and I've noticed Dave isn't writing as defensively anymore. I stopped reading Scripting News earlier this year, for quite a few months, because I just didn't need the stress of reading that site and "picking sides" in my head. I picked it up again when Radio UserLand was released.

Back to the good ole' days... (deep breath... sigh :-))

Another way we're back to the good ole' says... Frontier is free, Frontier's really a scripting tool again, and we're less than a year from Apple shipping it's new operating system*. (cough)

* but this time, UserLand's going with them!

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PS: I nominate this song as song of the day: I can see clearly now

Written on October 3, 2000