Torso Twist

I went to the UVic Rec Centre again last night with Nainesh. We did weights and cardio.

I finally got to use the "Torso Twist" machine, which targets stomach and side muscles. It's always in use. Oooh that feels good! I'm working on my stomach a lot, doing curl-ups and other stomach exercises during the day whenever I take a break.

My mass (126.65 kg) hasn't changed since my last checkup, which has me a little worried. I feel like I've lost (fat) weight, I know I am slimmer. Everyone is telling me the weightlifting and exercise is adding muscle mass which is offsetting the lost weight.

I hope so. I've been using my mass as the metric for my progress since I started this fitness crusade -- it's just... uncomfortable to not be able to trust that metric anymore.

Written on September 26, 2000