MS reimaging sting will cost business $11bn - Gartner

The Reg: MS reimaging sting will cost business $11bn - Gartner

"The first legal barrier is that customers can no longer overwrite the OEM's Windows image with one of their own."

Let me get this straight ... so you buy a computer with a hard drive in it. You own the hard drive. Your computer comes with a license for Windows [Whatever]. You want to install the same version of Windows you've licensed onto YOUR hard drive, and Microsoft wants to charge between $117 and $151 per desktop above the price you already paid for the Windows license that came with the already paid-for computer???

You have to be KIDDING ME. If you put up with that, I've got really nice bridge for sale... cheap cheap!

And IT people say Macs are expensive... HAH! As if.

Oh, Microsoft doesn't have a monopoly. No no, Windows doesn't cost too much. No no, Microsoft doesn't hurt consumers.

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Written on September 26, 2000